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Ribeira Grande Sao Miguel Azores


You’re invited to the island of Sao Miguel for a once-in-a-lifetime photo adventure of epic proportions! You’ll end up with great photos and stories, no matter your skill level.



We’ve prepared a pretty intense plan for your time here. You won’t get much rest. At the end of the adventure, your head will be full of awesome new skills and your computer

will be full of beautiful photos.

Achadinha Sao Miguel Azores



What’s Included?

You’ll be part of an intimate group with plenty of one-on-one time instruction by Joseph.

  • Registration covers your food, hotel, and transportation AFTER you get yourself to the hotel in Sao Miguel
  • You will be staying in beautiful private rooms
  • All the amazing adventures and personalized instruction in the multi-day event outlined below
  • Personalized portfolio reviews by Joseph Amaral
  • Many new friends, lifelong memories and a collection of portfolio quality photos
  • Plus, since we’ll be together for so long, we’d be happy to do anything else we can... just ask... anything within reason we can probably get done for you!

Day 1 Your Arrival

  • You get yourself to the hotel
  • Clear off your memory cards and charge your batteries!
  • Get confertable with the city Ponta Degada
  • Meet for a group dinner at hotel and first sunset location
  • Be ready to take some fun, casual sunset shots (no hardcore instruction yet)

Day 2 Early to Rise

  • Wake up early (get used to it!)
  • Travel to an awesome location for the sunrise in Sao Miguel
  • In-field instruction and tutorials
  • Breakfast/coffee and discussion of events
  • Hands-on, step-by-step, Post-Processing session
  • Lunch and more Post-Processing
  • Sunset shooting, then dinner in Sao Miguel together

Day 3 Sunrise to Sunset

  • Get up early for another sunrise at a new location
  • In-field instruction and tutorials
  • Breakfast/coffee and discussion of events
  • shoot in new location session
  • Lunch and more Post-Processing
  • Sunset shooting in new location then dinner

Day 4 Sunrise, Cows & Stars

  • Rinse, Sunrise, Repeat - new location, new light!
  • Get up early for another sunrise at a new location
  • In-field instruction and tutorials
  • Breakfast/coffee and discussion of events
  • Go hunting for cows
  • Lunch and discussion of events
  • Rest
  • Dinner and discussion of events
  • Shoot late, well after dark, to practice shooting at night
  • And some much needed sleep

Day 5 Whale's and Dinner

  • Wake up early for breakfast/coffee
  • Whale watching, shooting on a boat
  • In-field instruction and tutorials
  • Lunch and more shooting
  • Dinner and discussion of events
  • City night shoot and celebration drinks

Day 6 On Safari and Dinner

  • Wake up painfully early for another sunrise at a new location!
  • In-field instruction and tutorials
  • Breakfast/coffee and discussion of events
  • Safari shoot
  • Lunch and discussion of events
  • Continue Safari shoot
  • Celebration dinner and drinks

Day 7 Return or Continue on...

Your adventure can end and you can go home...OR... you can stay longer and we’ll give you an itinerary of must-see places to go!



Sao Miguel Azores



What should I bring?

  • Your camera and gear (tripod, memory cards, etc.)
  • Your laptop so you can join us in the post-processing sessions (You’ll need Lightroom, Photoshop or equivalents)
  • Your own personal backup situation (we don’t provide ANY equipment at all...)
  • Remember this is Europe all power is 220vlts
  • A(one of those flashlights that goes around your forehead)
  • Rain gear just in case and a Jacket for the night... (layers, layers).
  • Good shoes for hiking, although we don’t anticipate any multi-kilometer hikes
  • A sense of fun and curiosity; Those two elements will be key to getting the most out of the workshop
Only 3,700 EUR, Join me for a week in Sao Miguel... it will be AMAZE-MAZE! BOOK NOW!




About The Azores

Named one of 2011’s 10 Best Summer Trips by National Geographic, the archipelago of the Azores is often referred to as the Lost Continent of Atlantis. Once a stepping-stone for sailors en route to the New World, these fascinating islands are now being retraced by modern sailors. Indeed, the Azores are visited every year by cruise ships heading east or west across the Atlantic.

Formed from volcanic activity, this archipelagic region is composed of nine islands located approximately 900 miles off the coast of Portugal. The islands are home to lush, sculptured landscapes; waterfalls cascading down sheer black cliffs, hot mineral springs, pastures sprinkled with juniper and heather, villages nestled inside a collapsed volcano on the shores of two lakes: one green, the other blue.

Sao Miguel Island

This island is known as the Green Island and is the largest and most populated of all the islands in the Azores. It has an area of 759 square metres (293 square miles) and approximately 140,000 inhabitants. 45,000 of these live in Ponta Delgada. Sao Miguel was first settled by the Portugese in 1427. Sao Miguel is 64km long (from East to West) and 8 to 14km wide (North to South). It's lowlands are mainly fields and meadows (hence the nickname), with hot springs in the centre of the island and volcanic cones in the East, around Furnas. The most recent eruption occurred in 1652. The highest mountain is Pico da Vara, at 1,103m high.

The largest of the nine islands - and considered by some to be the most beautiful - Sao Miguel is also the most populated island, with 150,000 inhabitants. Known as The Green Island because of its fertility, Sao Miguel is the economic, political and intellectual centre of the archipelago. Its major city, Ponta Delgada, boasts the island’s chief trading and fishing port, and houses one of three international airports.


Where We Are

In the blue Atlantic Ocean, between two continents

Sao Miguel Azores



Sete Cidades National Park


Sete Cidades ("Seven Cities"), on the west side of Sao Miguel, is one of the most beautiful places in the Azores. Twin lakes lie in the centre of a volcanic crater about three miles across. This volcano is one of the most active in the Azores in the last 5,000 years. If you look from the edge of the crater to the lakes 500 m (1,500 ft) below, one lake looks reflects the sky so appears blue (Lagoa Azul) and the other appears green like the ground (Lagoa Verde). Legend has it that the lakes were created when a princess and her lover, a young shepherd, had to part from each other. The farewell tears which they shed became the two lakes, with the water the colour of their eyes.


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Povoação São Miguel Azores
Ribeira Quente São Miguel Azores
Santa Bárbara São Miguel Azores
Ribeira Grande Sao Miguel Azores
Lagoa São Miguel Azores
Ribeira Grande Sao Miguel Azores
Água Retorta São Miguel Azores





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