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Look Up, Look Way Up
Coliseu Micaelense




In 2012 Joseph returned to the island of Sao Miguel to compile a book depicting the Azorean landscape, culture and lifestyle, journeying throughout the archipelago in search of images that would celebrate the spirit of a people. One of the things he found was The Romeiros (Ranchers) of Sao Miguel In 1522 the first capital, Vila Franca do Campo, was shacked by a strong earthquake. These pilgrims called “Romeiros” each year reaffirm their faith circling the island on foot and praying The Romeiros come from all around the world. They walk the island roads for eight days during the months of February and March. They travel clockwise on the island in groups by the dozens, from dawn to dusk.
They carry a staff and a rosary in their hand, a scarf around their neck, a bag and shawl on their backs. As night falls they are given shelter by families that offer dinner and some hours of sleep. It’s through prayer that they free themselves from the burdens of the world. Some have been pilgrims for 2 or 3 decades consecutively. Some are pilgrims once, as if they had done it forever. Faith does not change it is a life commitment.













Toronto Photographer serving southern Ontario
I'm a Toronto Photographer who specializes as a commercial photographer, portrait photographer, event photographer, and landscape photographer. Over the years, my studio, Joseph Amaral Photography, has come to be well recognized among other photographers in Toronto, Ontario. I like to think of myself as a photographers photographer. Although I'm based in Toronto, I serve all of Canada, and the United States of Amarica.
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Toronto Photographer
I began my career as a professional photographer in Toronto, Ontario. And I live in Toronto, I'm still a Toronto photographer.

Event Photographer
When you begin your search for a event photographer in Toronto, Ontario, I hope you'll consider Joseph Amaral Photography. Whether you're an advertising agency (ad agency), small business, or a corporate entity in Toronto or anywhere in southern Ontario, I'm happy to serve as your event photographer.

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